Laser Safety Training

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Before starting any Physics 111 Advanced Lab experiment involving laser use, students must complete laser safety training, including reading training materials, viewing a safety video, taking a written quiz, and completing the Laser Safety Training Certification. Complete ALL the steps below and turn them into the 111-Lab Staff:

  1. View the Physics 111 Laser Safety Video
  2. Fill out the EH&S Laser Safety formTurn this in with the last page of the online quiz (see below). The information required to complete this form can be found in the following link: Laser Use Registration (LUR) list for 111-Lab.
  3. Read the Laser Safety Manual.
  4. Read the Laser Safety Fact Sheet.
  5. Read the sections of the lab write-up concerning apparatus, procedures, and laser safety precautions specific to the experiment you are about to do.
  6. Go to the online Laser Safety Quiz located on the UC Learning Center site.
    How Do I get training for Laser Safety-

    B. In the Search window search for "EH&S 301"  Initial Laser Safety Training. Print out the last page of the quiz (completion certificate) and turn it in with your completed EHS Laser Form.


Each lab write-up includes specific operating instructions and safety procedures for the laser and other optical equipment used in that experiment. Please make sure you understand how to operate the equipment safely before turning on the laser. As always, ask your instructor for help if you are unsure.