Radiation Safety

PDF version

First get the Pink 111 Lab Radiation User Safety Form from a 111-Lab staff person. Fill out Completely 

  1. Watch the Physics 111-Lab Radiation Safety Video.
  2. Go to the on-line sealed source training at the EH&S site https://app.ehs.berkeley.edu/lmsi and then search 401.1 in the right-top box within the blue top border. You don't have to go through the training on Radiation Producing Machines (RPMs).
  3. Print the last page showing completion of training
  4. Read Radiation Use document for 111-Lab RUA-3271
  5. Physics Emergency Contacts 
  6. Radiation Safety Manual PDF
  7. You need to wear long pants and closed toe shoes while doing any experiment using a radiation source.
  8. Survey the area of your experiment, with Geiger counter, before starting to check for any leakage from any radiation source before you start.
  9. You should read the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Document ReadMe-PPE
  10. SOPs = Standard Operating Procedures for Beta, Compton, Gamma, and Rutherford experiments SOPs

Now you can fill out, initial, and sign the pink sheet. Turn the following in to Winthrop Williams then a GSI will give you a radiation ring:

  • 111 Lab Radiation User Safety Form (pink)
  • Sealed Source User Record of Training Completion certificate